Sauces to spice up
pasta, rice and
vegetable dishes



Total shelf life


228ml (190g)

24 months

Semi-rigid containers

350g, 500g or 1kg

12 months

Single portions

Pack of 3x50g

Box of 30x50g

18 months

Cook like a "Grand Chef" on a daily basis by using our sauces to spice up your pasta and rice dishes.

The flavours of Provence are brought to your plate with the sun drenched vegetables we use in our recipes.

Transform a basic dish and make it a real culinary experience by using our :

Bell pepper and Aubergine sauce

Tomato and Mascarpone cheese sauce

Olive and Tomato sauce

Tomate and Artichoke sauce

Three cheese sauce...

home  sauces to coat meat and fish  sauces to spice up pasta, rice and vegetable dishes  spreads and culinary aides  for you, we elaborate...