Christian POTIER puts all the expression of culinary tradition into the food service.

Coating for the best meat, chicken, game or fish,

Dressing for pasta or vegetables,

Spicing up sandwiches and salad,

Supplementing toasts and puff pastry.

In the respect of real know-how, Christian POTIER S.A. makes its own bases to elaborate its sauces.

Culinary sauces, sauces for pasta, spreads or culinary aides, Christian POTIER S.A. guarantees that its products are made with no added preservatives*, artificial aromas or colouring agents**.

Packed in single-serve sachets or semi-rigid containers of 500g and 1kg, Christian POTIER S.A. offers a wide range of gourmet recipes but also is able to produce tailor made recipes.

*Only for the recipes which do not contain sulphites.

**According to the law in force for sauces made with tomato.

*** In progress